Relationships: spiritual categories

Relationships fall into three categories:  new, soul mate and twin soul. “New” is rare now because our souls have been around for millennia and have shared lives with so many others. Lack of trust, but without anger or fear, is the “tell” that you are meeting a new soul. The soul mate is the most common of relationships, whether it is for fair or foul.

Questions for Channeling

There are three categories almost all questions fall under when presented to Old One: relationships, prosperity, and career/purpose. He says there are no “dumb” questions; all answers will spiral the seeker into a greater understanding of himself.  KayRW

Channeling Old One

The entity I channel predominately appears to me as a Tibetan monk in saffron robes, balding and ancient. For lack of a better name (He’s never given me a surname.) I call him the Old One or just Old One. I began to channel him in August of 1985 at the aforementioned Starlight Farm. KayRW

KaRa and DiandRa begin their spiritual journey

I’m KaRa and I am a channel. DiandRa, an artist, and I have known each other for about thirty years.  We met at Starlight Farm soon after I began to channel.  My mom, also a mystic, and I had just opened Starlight Farm. I’ll be sharing some the insights I have received over the years with you.   DiandRa will be sharing her spiritual and artistic journey.

In the beginning there were 7 Avatar groups who established the Earth’s planetary consciousness.  One of these groups is the Ra group.  The souls of Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus, are instrumental in bringing this group together to provide healing for mankind.  KaRa and DiandRa’s souls joined with this healing unit; hence the names include Ra to indicate this connection.  These groups will be discussed in more detail in future postings.